Helping you find your voice online.

We build your personal brand through content plans, creation and training to make sure you get heard.

LinkedIn Personal Branding

Find your digital voice

We offer LinkedIn training and help creating content, in order to help you find your voice. We all have ideas that could change the world, so let us help you share yours.

Create effective content

We collaborate with you to come up with content ideas, create a plan, build some personalised graphics, then get to the fun part, creating and posting the content.

Build a personal brand

We coach you on the best practices to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. We continuously update our presentation to ensure it covers the ever changing platform.

We create personal brands to inspire.

Customer reviews
are always valuable.

I was looking for help creating content on LinkedIn. I knew I needed to do it, but I simply couldn't find the time. That's when I met Gareth and learnt about New Found Media. He started helping me create content and I have seen my audience start to build within the first month of working with him. I also feel a lot more confident in front of the camera now. I really enjoy working with Gareth as I know he is only a text away if I have any questions about anything regarding LinkedIn and social media. I highly recommend Gareth and New Found Media if you need help creating content on LinkedIn.

Stephen Stacks
Founder of Funding Nav
LinkedIn Personal Branding
LinkedIn Content Creation

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Gareth. He has an amazing understanding of LinkedIn, content creation and social media marketing. Building your personal brand from scratch and setting your profile can be tough and stressful but Gareth has not only helped me with a great understanding on how to navigate through it but also brainstorm ideas on how to proceed with my personal brand. His professional approach and in depth, well prepared sessions really helped me move the needle forward and I would highly recommend to work with Gareth. Thank you Gareth for all your time and energy you have put into our sessions and an amazing support I have received from you.

Madga Gee
Personal Transformation Coach

Our vision is to bring daily positivity to the world

We work with ambitious, passionate people to help share their positivity online and get their voices heard. Social media has enough negativity so we are combatting the haters and taking a stand. Everyone deserves to smile online, and we help you create those smiles.
Gareth Rafferty (Founder of New Found Media) is passionate about helping others find their voice on LinkedIn. He got into marketing after studying business at A-Level. Marketing inspired Gareth due to the potential to reach so many people. He also loves all things tech.

Gareth Rafferty


of social media leads come from LinkedIn


engagement increase on LinkedIn year on year


of people on LinkedIn drive business decisions


more effective for lead gen than Twitter or Facebook

It's all about the
people, and process.

LinkedIn Coaching

We sit down and have a chat about what you are looking for and how we can help you. If you’re new to LinkedIn, brilliant the coaching path would be great for you. Been on LinkedIn for years and want to start building yourself as an industry expert, awesome, the content creation package will fit you nicely.


What are your goals from working with us? Is it to portray yourself as an expert online? Talk to more potential clients? Or to simply network? We can help you with all of this. Everyone’s journey is different, and that why it’s important for us to as these kinds of questions, take make sure you’re the right fit for us, and we’re the right fit for you.


By the end of the consultation call, we should have an idea of what package would be best for you. This process will enable us to prescribe the best option for you. And come up with a plan that would meet your needs.

*If you take a consultation call, you have no obligation to purchase from us


Our values

We have a set of values that drive us to create a better experience for our clients and their future customers.

We are open with the people we work with both inside and outside the company
We work together to solve problems
Share your love of what you do with others
Working hard to achieve our goals and helping others to do so too
Being unapologetically creative and open to sharing ideas
We listen deeply and respectfully to all ideas before coming up with a solution
Having the willingness to stand up for what you believe in

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